VendorTrax is a software tool used by contractors to offer accountability and transparency to their customers.
As a Property Representative, your Vendor needs to invite you to access VendorTrax.

Refer your vendors and get $50 per vendor*

How VendorTrax will work for you

Step 1
Vendor signs up for VendorTrax

First, your vendor needs to create a VendorTrax account for their company.

Step 2
Vendor invites you to activate Guest Account
Your vendor grants you access to a Guest Account to access all Service Requests at your property.
Step 3
Track & monitor your vendor in real time
You can now track and monitor tasks in real time with the ability to approve costs, submit comments, view before and after visuals and much more.

Solving the frustrations of dealing with unaccountable Vendors

Lack of Transparency
“What am I paying these Vendors for?”
Lack of Accountability
“We walk the property every month but work doesn’t seem to get done.”
Lack of Communication
“Nobody is responding to my emails, phone calls, and text messages.”

Our benefits explained


Performance and timeliness are measured to ensure quality service.


Receive real-time updates and monitor contractor progress through task completion.


Streamline multiple  channels in one online centralized location.


Planned start and finish dates help manage client expectations.

Before & After Visuals​

A picture is worth a thousand words. See visual confirmation of a job well done.

Computer showing VendorTrax application

How does VendorTrax help me?

Vendors grant you access to track and monitor their work in real time.
No more wondering if work is actually getting done and chasing vendors for status updates.

Access real-time task progress through our Client Share Portal.

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How VendorTrax works

Property Representative Submits Work Order

Work Order gets submitted via your current method (i.e. PDF via email).

Vendor Receives Work Order

Vendor enters tasks into VendorTrax and assigns tasks internally. Vendor sets a planned start & finish date and creates the Service Request in VendorTrax.

Vendor Shares Trackable Service Request

Vendor shares the Service Request with the Property Representative – where they can approve costs (if applicable) and tasks.

Track Tasks in Real-Time

Property Representatives can track and monitor tasks in real-time with the ability to submit comments, view before, during, and after visuals and follow an interactive timeline recording all important dates & times.

Go Home and Be Happy!

No more wondering if work is getting done and chasing vendors for status updates. With VendorTrax you will always be in the loop of everything going on at your property.