3 Reasons To Use VendorTrax as Your HOA Maintenance Software

Maintaining a homeowner association (HOA) property should be simple and joyous. Today, anyone can order just about anything from their phone and have it delivered right to their doorstep (mmmm…instant joy)…

3 Reasons To Use VendorTrax as Your HOA Maintenance Software

Maintaining a homeowner association (HOA) property should be simple and joyous. Today, anyone can order just about anything from their phone and have it delivered right to their doorstep (mmmm…instant joy). Why should it be any different for HOA maintenance software? Think about it. From your phone, our app, VendorTrax, lets you order a task to be completed by an employee and then you can track it until your client’s payment is delivered to your doorstep. Simple and joyous, right?! VendorTrax is the best tool a contractor can buy because VendorTrax will not only help you run your business as-is today, but will also help you scale your business into the future. 


The 3 reasons to use VendorTrax as your HOA property maintenance software are increased accountability, enhanced transparency, and streamlined communication



If you have ever asked the question “What did my employees do today?” just know that you’re not alone. Contractors are busy people who spend most of their time in the field bouncing between different job sites. It’s no wonder why contractors can’t check their employees’ work progress and quality on a daily or weekly basis for that matter. It doesn’t help the situation when employees are slow to respond to requests or don’t proactively report task completion. This lack of accountability results in poor quality and mediocre client service at best.


With VendorTrax, performance and timeliness are measured to ensure quality service is delivered to your clients by your employees. It’s a simple yet effective HOA property maintenance software. Employees enter their tasks in VendorTrax, visually record task progress with before and after pictures, and start and finish their tasks within a set schedule. Both contractors and clients alike can track the work being done in the field without actually being on site. Remember, employees do what leaders check. 



All too often contractors, property representatives, and occupants are frustrated with the lack of transparency between each other. Questions like these should be a thing of the past but all too often they keep popping up: “What work is pending cost approval and what is already approved?” or “What do my dues pay for?” or “What decisions have been made between property representatives and occupants?”


With VendorTrax, all parties are kept in the loop from complaint to completion. Our powerful HOA maintenance software not only equips contractors with the right tools for the job but also gives their clients the right tools to access the information they need most. Information like cost estimates, task progress, and job schedules. Our timeline feature provides an audit trail so nobody will be left wondering what is happening on the job or who is responsible for the next step. Now everyone can see the same information at any time on their computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. 



It goes without saying that accountability and transparency can’t succeed without communication. But communication can’t succeed unless it’s centralized and accessible by contractors, property representatives, and occupants. Information overload is a real problem this day and age resulting in significant productivity loss. This is due to multiple parties sending and receiving information in a variety of communication channels (texts, email, phone calls) that results in lost messages, delayed responses, upset clients, and unhappy contractors.


In addition, contractors today are experiencing unprecedented tough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s difficult to get in front of prospects and clients, and when you do you have to abide by social distancing precautions like wearing a mask and being six feet away; not exactly an ideal situation for relationship building. Increasingly, clients want to skip the in-person meeting and instead communicate with their contractors when it’s convenient for them. So why not give your clients what they want? An HOA property maintenance software tool like VendorTrax gives contractors the ability to grant access to their clients so they can interact with the contractor and track all the work on their property through the same system.  


With VendorTrax, communication was baked into it from the beginning. Our HOA property maintenance software provides contractors the tools to make their employees and clients love them. Tools like the Client Share Portal, Guest Accounts, manager quality check, task comments, real-time event-based notifications, and QuickBooks integration. No more dealing with employees who didn’t know what job they were assigned. No more dealing with clients complaining about being out of the loop. No more wondering what jobs are open, waiting to be billed, or pending payment. VendorTrax is your trusted digital tool in the 21st century. 

go home and be happy,

Brian (Co-Founder)